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At MAD Studio, our residential interior design services are tailored to turn your house into a personalised home in Hong Kong. We listen to you and focus on your experiences to craft living spaces that speak to your personal style. We also set out to ensure both functionality and comfort for your cosy home. From intimate apartments and villas to luxurious estates, we infuse sophistication and elegance into every design and renovation project, making your idea come to life.


Our bespoke residential design services set us apart in Hong Kong for several reasons:


Award-Winning Design Team

Our team has vast experience in the area of residential design and is no stranger to accolades; we have received the prestigious Asia Pacific Property Awards in recent years. These achievements highlight our commitment to excellence in residential interior design and recognise our ability to create personalised, functional, and elegant living spaces that reflect the unique identities of our clients.


Personalised Design Tailored to Your Identity

Our design philosophy revolves around the idea that design is akin to engaging in a personalised dialogue with you. As personal as a home space is, we value understanding your thoughts, identity, and how you like to be heard prior to crafting a space that can truly represent your individuality. Our approach is perfect for both individuals seeking a comfortable home after a hectic day at work and families requiring functionality in their everyday spaces.


Seamless Journey from Concept to Completion

At MAD Studio, we ensure a smooth transition from the initial vision to the final reality. Our process begins with a deep dive into your preferences, followed by the development of a comprehensive residential design plan that includes everything from spatial planning to the selection of materials, colours and finishes, ensuring each detail aligns with your vision, providing a comfortable home.


Blending Style with Functionality for Every Home

To craft homes that can blend luxury, comfort and practicality for homeowners in Hong Kong, we keep abreast of and constantly navigate the latest trends in the residential design scene. Our portfolio showcases a versatile range of design aesthetics, from minimalist and sleek to warm and inviting, each uniquely tailored to complement your lifestyle. Whether you're drawn to the raw, edgy appeal of Light Industrial or the understated opulence of Light Luxury, our team is skilled in bringing these concepts to life. 


Embarking on a residential interior design or renovation project with MAD Studio means entering into a partnership where your vision is our blueprint. Our process is collaborative, beginning with a consultation to understand your unique needs, preferences, and the lifestyle you aspire to within your home. We then interpret your desires and transform them into a cohesive design concept that matches your personal aesthetic and functional requirements. This initial phase sets the foundation for a tailored design strategy, including everything from spatial layout to colour schemes, material selections and custom furniture designs.

As we progress to detailed design development, our team may leverage advanced 3D rendering technology to present the conceptual design, allowing you to visualise your future home. This phase ensures that each detail is refined to perfection, from the overall flow of spaces to the tactile quality of surfaces and the ambient lighting that sets the mood of each room. Our meticulous attention to detail extends to the construction and renovation phase, where we coordinate with skilled craftsmen and oversee the translation of design plans into reality.


Transform Your Home Space Today

Elevate your living experience today with MAD Studio’s residential design services. Reach out to us for a home that is tailor-made for you.  

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