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MAD Studio specialises in commercial interior design and renovation, offering bespoke solutions to enhance your brand identity and optimise operational efficiency. Our approach ensures your commercial space, whether a boutique, office, or restaurant, becomes an environment that engages both your employees and customers.


Our commercial interior design services marry aesthetics with functionality, setting out to enhance your commercial spaces. Choose us for the following reasons:


Specialised Expertise for Commercial Spaces

Our expertise and experience span across multiple domains, including architecture, project management and interior design, tailored to all commercial clients' unique needs. Our professional team, led by experienced designer Alvin Cheng, who has partaken in renowned projects such as the Tai Lam Centre for Women and the Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters before, possesses the ability to innovate and adapt to various commercial challenges. Our portfolio reflects our commitment to delivering spaces that exceed our clients' expectations. 


Custom Solutions Aligned with Your Commercial Goals 

Understanding that every business has unique needs, MAD Studio offers bespoke interior design solutions that align with your goals, creating spaces that foster growth, productivity and brand engagement. Our philosophy emphasises honouring our client’s identity and voice. This is why we work hard to dive deep into your brand's ethos, ensuring every design element reflects and enhances your corporate image and values.


Comprehensive Commercial Design Process 

Our design process for commercial spaces is thorough, starting with learning your needs and culminating in meticulously planned layouts and executed spaces. We monitor every phase closely and maintain frequent communication with you for feedback at every stage. This rigorous methodology ensures that we deliver projects on time and within budget, all while achieving the high-quality aesthetic and functional outcomes our clients expect from us.


MAD Studio boasts a wide-ranging portfolio, ready to undertake projects across various commercial sectors in Hong Kong:

How Can We Design a Productive and Functional Commercial Space for You?

When you start a commercial interior design project with us, we kick off our process by establishing the project’s scope, focusing on understanding your commercial premise and your needs. Through these initial consultations, we outline interior concept designs and develop schematic space plans tailored to your commercial environment aesthetically and functionally.

As we advance to the detailed design phases, our emphasis shifts to refining furniture plans, selecting cohesive colours, materials, and finishes, and presenting advanced 3D renderings. This allows for a tangible preview of the envisioned space, encouraging feedback for subsequent revisions. Next, we commence the production of construction drawings, including detailed layout plans, ceiling plans, elevation drawings, and comprehensive specifications.

Finally, our team will extend our services through the construction or renovation phase, during which we oversee the entire project’s execution from start to finish. With MAD Studio, your commercial interior project is in expert hands.


Enhance Your Commercial Space with MAD Studio

Seeking to enhance your commercial space in Hong Kong? Contact us today for our expert interior design services, discovering how we can reinvent your business environment with designs that perfectly align with your vision and brand identity.  

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